Please note all bookings need to be made 2 hours in advance.

Appointments are available online. 

Walk-ins only on Fridays and Sundays up to 3 pm, permanently closed on Saturdays. Walk-ins during the rest of the week Monday to Thursday are available all day * Subject to availability* up until 1 hour before closing time.

Please Note: A £15.00 cancellation fee will be charged for the next visit for any missed appointments. No show is the full price of the haircut. 

Important Notice: 

To all clients, to clarify a few points. Please be aware prices are subject to increase if different from the standard haircut. If haircuts are more than the average growth or height, or skin fade requested. It will be in the category of a restyle. To make you aware in advance, this will apply to all adults as well as children. Particularly those who have not had a haircut during the lockdown or having done the haircut themselves or by someone else. Please confirm the type of haircut you require based on the info suggested to you, This will determine the price category: for adults and children please respond accordingly via email. (A) (B) (C)?

*Children under 15s*

A) Standard haircut less than 2cm? £15

B) Skin Fade? Clippers From £18 

C) Restyle more than 2cm? From £20 

* Adults Gents/Ladies *

A) Standard haircut less than 2cm? From £18

B) Skin Fade more than 2cm? From £25 

C) Restyle more than 2cm? From £30 

Card Payment or cash still accepted but (NO OLD £20) will be received.